Future Internet Services are consistently chosen above our competition by people who need that level of personal contact that is not often found at other ISP's. No Premium Rate Helplines, call queueing or lame excuses - we just get the job done.

Support Information

For technical support, please telephone 029 2025 5000 during office hours of 09:30 and 5.00pm, all other times you can email on admin@fut.net

Please Note: Email Support is not available for Password Problems.
Due to customer confidentiality, personal details are NEVER given out by email.

In circumastances where passwords are required by 3rd Parties for FTP or Email, or for transfers from Future Internet Services to another ISP, the request MUST come from the domain / account owner.

Billing / Administration Information

For administration / billing support, please telephone 029 2025 5000 during office hours of 09:30 and 5.00pm, all other times you can email on sales@fut.net

Please Note: Our invoicing system works on the information given by the customer. If address details change, but we are not made aware, we will continue to send invoices to the address on file. Suspension of services could occur if you do not keep us informed of changes to the address.

Abuse of Services

Who do I contact regarding web abuse by one of your customers?

For complaints regarding the abuse of our services including, but not limited to; any illegal activity under UK Law, any exploitation of children, spam, phishing and malware. We review all complaints for validity and will take appropriate action, and as part of our investigation it may also be necessary for us to corroborate your complaint with our customer.

Please email abuse@fut.net at any time of the day, or please call us on 029 2025 5000 any time between 10am to 5pm, Monday to Saturday (we will still need you to put your complaint in writing in an email if you do call us)

We attempt to resolve most issues within 24 hours but could take up to 72 hours for excessive abuse.


How much technical support do you offer?

We offer technical support via E-mail at admin@fut.net, and telephone on 029 2025 5000 during our normal business hours.
We also offer after-hours technical support 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Please note however that due to the limited number of personnel working after-hours, response time will be longer than during business hours.
Email problems can only be answered by telephone

Which HTML editor should I use to create my website?

Future Internet Services do not recommend one HTML editor over another and there are a myriad of choices for you to use. Some of the most popular include:

  • NetObjects Fusion
  • Macromedia DreamWeaver
  • Coffee Cup
  • Mozilla Editor
  • Arachnophilla
  • Some of the editors are free to download and others you have to purchase. We are sorry, but we do not offer technical support for any of the HTML composing clients, you will have to contact the makers of the software for support.

    How do I upload files to the web server?

    You can use either an FTP (File Transfer Protocol) program, Dreamweaver, or a utility built into your chosen HTML editor to upload. We can recommend a freeware FTP client CORE FTP, easy to use and can be downloaded from here. We are sorry, but we cannot offer technical support for CORE FTP or any other FTP client, you will have to contact the makers of the software for support

    How do I get my home page to load automatically?

    Name your entry page "index.php", "index.htm" or "index.html". Be sure to name everything in lowercase, not "INDEX.HTML". Also, this file must be located in your domain's root directory, which is the first directory you see when accessing the Web server via FTP. You may include an index file in subdirectories, and give the URL as the path to the directory, as in "http:/www.yourdomain.com/directory/".

    If I experience problems connecting via FTP, what can I do?

    First check your username and password. Your username must be typed in lower case. The password must be typed exactly as initially given to you; like most things on a server, it is case sensitive. Often, in a font, I (capital i), l (lowercase L) , and 1 (the number one) look very similar, or exactly the same, as is also the case with 0 (zero) and O (capital O). Telephone our support number if you are still experiencing problems.

    How do I create sub-directories within my website?

    We recommend using the "create directory" feature in your FTP client software. If it is not apparent how to do this, please consult your manual or the online help file within your software.

    How do I obtain sub-domains within my domain?

    Contact us regarding sub domains and we will happily set it up for you. We only charges additional fees that are established in your pricing plan.

    What kind of server will my site be stored on?

    Our main servers are run on Microsoft based software which includes additional software to allow you access to PHP, MySQL, ASP & ASP.NET as well as many scripts and extensions. If you require any of these, you MUST state on opening a hosting account so that you will be placed on the correct server for your needs. We are also happy to install new scripts and extensions supplied by you, however, these have to be full or free versions. We do not use trialware or shareware on the servers. We do not run Linux or Unix servers

    Why is my contact email address important?

    Your email address is important in two ways:
    1.) It is the contact address for our record of your domain and any communication from us will come to this email address. It is very important that we are able to reach you regarding your domain; not keeping your email address current with us may cause delays in changes you might wish to make to your domain name record.
    2.) It is the email address we use to contact our hosting clients with important messages, and it is also the address through which any changes to your account must be made.

    How do I register my site with search engines?

    We recommend that you rdo not get conned into these deals that promise you that you will be in the top 10 of Yahoo or Google. Having your website written in the correct format and submitted to the major search engines will for most, be enough. You can also try the PPC (Pay Per CLick) such as google adwords that give you primary placement on the google search engine and many minor search sites that use the google engine. Here are some of the main search engine URL addition pages - GOOGLE,     YAHOO,     BING

    General Complaints

    We like to think we get it right all the time, every time, but the truth of it is everyone gets it wrong now and again. We can only improve on our services with valid feedback from you, our customers. If you wish to make a complaint about a service you have received, please submit an email to us including as much detail from the issue that you can give. The more information, the less questioning we have to do. We will acknowledge your complaint within 1 business day and aim to resolve any issues within 5 business days.

    Please email admin@fut.net for all general complaints, or sales@fut.net for all invoicing complaints. Our email support is 24 hours, but you can also call us on 029 2025 5000 during normal buisiness hours.

    If you have any complaints about us in regards to your .UK domains and you are not happy with the replies given by us, you are able to make a formal complaint about us to Nominet (the .uk registry) here: http://www.nominet.org.uk/disputes/complaining-about-registrar/complaints-procedure

    What happens if I'm reported for abuse of services?

    If there is a report of internet related abuse of our system by any customer, we will review all the information sent by the complainant initially, and if it has good reason for the complaint, we will then take whatever necessary steps needed to cease the reason for complaint. This could be anything from simply contacting you, the customer, to at the worst, suspension of account.

    We ask all customers not to knowingly break any UK law whilst using our services, and if dealing with International systems, services or people, to make every necessary measure not to break any International laws.

    It is you, the customer, that has to make sure that you understand the laws of the Country you are dealing with.

    Please do not use our services to knowingly spam or share files or images deemed illegal.

    Please be vigilant of your website, and contact us as soon as possible if you notice any odd activity with your website, especially if you use a Content Management System such as Wordpress.



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